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From: Frank
Mollies are really easy breeders. The molly will produce a lot of babies if you minimize the time the light is on to about 13 hours a day max.

From: Deke
I read you should put some aquarium salt in the tank to help mollies flurish. Can you use table salt?
I would just say NO to the table salt. Most versions of table salt are iodized and they also contain chemicals that prevent the salt from lumping when exposed to minor amounts of moisture. Go the safe route and only use salt labeled for use with aquariums.

From: Susan
Baby mollies are fun to raise, we have just started. We only got two babies out of the first batch. Kids really love to watch them grow. Females like the Krill the best I have seen.

From: Harold
I've been raising mollies and platys for a few years. They are really easy to bread. Just Keep the water clean (change 20 to 25% every week or two). Get a net breading area for the fry. Give the fry finely ground floating food. Don't leave the adult mother in the breading area long after birth or yes, she will start eating the young. If you don't want a large population of fry just leave them in the tank and provide hiding areas for the fry. Cambodia grass works very well and depending on your adult population, about 10 to 20% of the fry will flourish. Good Luck and enjoy.

From: Ailsa
I have been keeping mollies on and off for years and have never known fry to be eaten by other mollies! We have just raised a batch of 70 or so fry in a tank with their mother and 4 other adult mollies - perhaps we have been lucky, but I also feel that feeding all the fish small amounts at regular intervals goes a long way to avoiding the adults taking the fry. These great little fish are so easy and such a joy - they make amateur geneticists out of all of us with their willingness to breed!

From: Kandis
I have a 5 1/2 year old female Molly, Raven and one thing that I have found out is that Mollies seem to be very social with other fish. There are three other different fish breeds with her in the aquarium and she is very well mannered. I also added a male betta, with my Molly and other fish and they all get along very well. Mollies are a very social fish I have found.

From: Ryan
I started with two mollies, both female, and as it turns out, both pregnant. They started in a 15 gallon tank with a small shoal of black neon tetras. Now I have close to 30. I moved them to a tall 40 gallon tank, and when I added salt to fight an ick breakout, they went wild.

From: Cindi
I woke up one morning to 5 new baby fish. I have no idea who the mother is. I didn't know any of my fish were pregnant. I have them in a breeding container now, and they are just the cutest things. I feed them ground up flake food. I place the food in a plastic baggy, grind it up, then dip one end of a toothpick into the tank water, and then into the powdered food. I then dip that end back into the water right in front of the babies and they gobble it up! All I need to know now is who their mother is? I have 2 white mollies, 1 orange molly, and 1 dalmation molly. I wonder what the babies will look like? I have more fish in this aquarium as well: angel fish, cat fish, bettas, both male and female, tetras, kissing fish... It remains a mystery! But a fun one!

From: Renay
I bought 2 dalmation mollies, and 2 black mollies not long ago and the dalmations had babies one day, then the black ones the next. I also have two platies and a couple of neon tetras and none of them bother the babies at all... My fish don't seem interested in eating their babies.

From: Kelsey
I have two molly fish one is the black and the other is the gold dust and they're both females. I was wondering if they need a light on them all the time or could you turn the fish tank light off at night?
Fish need a stable period of time (same amount of time each day) and definitely need some time with the lights off. Please read the aquarium lighting article.

From: Phil Johns - Molly babies
I bought my two mollies and within 2 weeks she was putting on weight. A few weeks later she's popped out 20 or so little fish! I'm not having any problems with the adults eating them. Live plants and good circulation keeps them happy and the eco system healthy. The babies have been fine eating normal fish flakes, but I'm going to try the whole "crush in a plastic bag" trick to sort of break it down a bit.

From: Marina - Molly fry
I had 35 fry black mollies, 20 died now I have 15 fries left. I feed my fry 2 times a day a little bit! Some of the flake food goes to the bottom and my fry eat it happily! But soon they will get bigger and you will have to get a bigger tank! And you will have to feed them bloodworms, microworms and stuff like that. You can get this staff at Big Al's tropical fish store and you can buy a book there about other types of mollies and other tropical fishes! Fry are fun at first but then a couple of times later it wouldn't be so much fun anymore!

Author : Mike FishLore

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