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Yellow and Black Guppy

From: 0morrokh
Guppies are traditionally thought of as very hardy, but unfortunately inbreeding and overbreeding the guppy have been quite effective at eliminating this quality. Some experienced fish keepers have given up on trying to keep them alive. So, I would not recommend these fish as beginner fish. :( However, if you have a bit of experience, keeping these fish will be very rewarding, and they are among the easiest fish to breed. If you do plan to breed them, just make sure you get the male and females at different places, to make sure you aren't inbreeding. And make extra sure you aren't buying fish with slight deformities, which I am seeing more and more of.

From: Jen
I find that a good way to get rid of unwanted baby guppies is to get a few shrimp, I perfer the Ghost Shrimp. These little critters will eat any fish that are smaller than adult guppies. But beware because the shrimp are also quick to reproduce, you might only want one depending on how small your tank is.

From: Emma
I am 14 with over 8 years of fishy experience. I now have 5 tanks all dedicated to the breeding of guppies! A small word on the point about the deformities that sometimes happen to the fry when breeding the guppy. Most people like me only breed guppies for a hobby. What could be more rewarding than seeing new life brought into the world? But, unfortunately, some people think that culling the fry that aren't quite perfect is the right thing to do. It isn't. Or if they have to many. But think. If you buy a male and female guppy you know what can happen so prepare for it. If you end up with too many simply give them away to fish stores, friends or family. Just remeber that once you cull the maybe not so perfect fry there never coming back. If your breeding just for fun keep it that way, theres no reason to have the most excellent guppies ever. Only cull if it is absolutely necessary, e.g the fry can't swim. I have never had to do it and hey, I love my guppies as much as the next guppy obsessed person! Remember just have fun and love your gups!

From: Molly
When I first started up my aquarium I was so excited to get guppies! One morning, about 2 days after getting them, I noticed that instead of five guppies I now had 40! One of my females had given birth over night! At first it was so cool watching the little babies swim around, but as they grew I gradually became very overwhelmed. In the end I ended up with 25 adults and that wasn't counting the 50 babies another gave birth to. I ended up having to give all but 3 females away. If I had any advice to give fish beginners? Use some form of a birthing net and just get females. Chances are if you get an adult female she's most likely pregnant. So you'll get to experience your fish having babies and watching them grow without getting way more then you asked for. If you need a place to give your guppies to, call your local pet store and most of them will give you credit for however many babies you give them. Hope I helped!

From: Karl Croft
I had the same trouble. I bought myself two male guppies and 1 female with the hopes that the other fish in my tank will help control the population. I even thought "if I wake up and find a fry or two, it'll be a nice suprise" Imagine my horror when I woke to find 50 of them. I QUICKLY ran out of space in my aquarium and ended giving the fry to a pet shop. NEVER again! I'll stick with males. Seriously reconsider Guppies, because they breed like rats and rabbits.

From: Rachael
Guppies are a great fish but can trick you. They always seem hungry even if they're not. Don't feed them all the time even if they look hungry. They will always be at the top of the tank if anyone is around and pick at the gravel and swim around the tank when alone. They are gorgeous fish!

From: Peter
Hi, I've got 12 guppy fry about 5 days ago and all are ok in the Breeder Net. Just to let you know, I feed them boiled egg yolks, which I chop into small pieces. I also feed the fish flake food which I put in a bag and use a bottle to roll the flake food really fine so it's easy for them. Hope this tip helps - all the best!

From: Jordan Crowe
I have been breeding animals since I was eight and breeding guppies has been the easiest. I would recommend that you do breed them, but you should keep them separate from other species to prevent problems. I have successfully bred over 100 batches of guppies and have only had one or two that have died young and I think it's because I put lots of little pieces of apple at the top of the tank. I have never been told that it was a mistake and the guppies are wonderfully colored and very healthy. I would recommend doing this with pregnant guppies since it worked for me.

From: Charmaine Clark
Hey guys. My Guppy gave birth last night and I would like to know, how many babies do guppys usually have at a time? Mine had 4.
It depends on many factors such as water quality, size of the fish, diet, etc. The range varies from around a few baby guppies up to 50 or 60.

From: Bill
I have 7 guppies in my tank with platies, a swordtail, neon tetras and a bristlenose pleco. They are really beautiful and hardy fish, and among the most active! I have 10 fry right now (one of the females was already pregnant in the shop) who hide in the plants. None have been eaten yet; occasionally they'll be chased but they're very fast at getting out of the way. I'm keeping the fry until they're a bit bigger, but then I'll have to give them to one of my LFSs as my tank can't take more fish!

Author : Mike FishLore

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