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From: Peggy - goldfish pond
Two years ago, my husband installed a four tiered pond for me. Total water volume is approximately 1500 gallons, and there are 3 levels of bio-filtration. We are fortunate enough to have well water, and I do bi-weekly partial exchanges. Thick beds of anacharis provide oxygenation and nutrition, and act as nurseries for the orandas and koi (kept separated by walls and waterfalls). The whole thing is covered with its own lanai to keep out our fish-chomping feathered and furry friends. I bought the red caps when they were half-dollar size, and they've tripled in size! (their 'caps' are now half-dollar size) The koi were bought as fingerlings and are now 10-16" long. My ponds are also home to several apple snails, whose eggs are a great food source, a large pleco, and probably a trillion mosquito fish. (magnificent little jewels themselves) They are a lot of work but they return such a feeling of peace.
Wow - that setup sounds awesome. Hopefully we'll have a pond section on here soon.

From: Sheilagh - goldfish swim bladder
If you have a goldfish with a swim bladder problem, definitely feed it a couple of frozen peas, thawed of course and chopped fine. Make sure they eat it and they should recover within a couple of hours. After a month I got my first fish, the one swam upside down for a month. I finally feed it some peas, and it recovered within an hour.

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Author : Mike FishLore

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