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From: MoonCake - sick goldfish
I have 3 happy goldfishes for more than 2 years, but since few weeks ago, the biggest one stopped eating and preferred to stay on the bottom of the tank. His scales are perfect, and the water is filtered, clear and changed regularly. It is very unusual that he refused to eat because he normally eats lots and always swims happily. The only thing I haven't cleaned for a long while is the gravel and the bottom of tank. How do I know if he's just spawning or actually has parasite or something on him? Thank you in advance.
Sometimes fish will not accept food for a few days after spawning. The reason they won't accept food is usually because they are not hungry due to the fact they just ate their eggs. Watch the fish closely and look for any signs of disease. Read the article on sick fish for more info on possible diseases if you fear that your goldfish is sick. You should definitely be checking your water parameters (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and pH) and vacuuming the gravel on a regular basis while performing your water changes.

I have recently purchased a 5 gallon tank and put 2 gold fish a betta and a pleco in there. I changed half the water the first week and now after 12 days have cleaned the tank out. This morning my betta died and it looks like my gold fish has a white covering on him. Can you please tell me what im doing wrong? Thank you.
Your aquarium has not completed the Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle. Your fish are being severely stressed due to high ammonia and nitrite levels. Study up on the nitrogen cycle, get a freshwater test kit and perform frequent water changes until this cycle completes.

From: Ashley - goldifish still alive
I got a goldfish at the carnival one day and the bag wasn't tied right so it fell out but I scooped it up right away, it's been alive a year and even though it sank to the bottom and it's fin went down, it's better now! My algae eater just died and so did a tropical fish I had, so I think something was in the water.

From: Donna - goldfish aquarium
I'm always reading how you shouldn't put "any" other fish with goldfish... well, Butch is about 9 inches long and 4 years old. He is the center of my 55 gallon tank. I've never fed him goldfish food because I think it clouds your water. Instead I feed him tropical fish food. He is a big personality in our household of pets and eats tubifex worms out of my hand now. Butch lives with rosy barbs, 4 angelfish, 3 gouramis, 1 large and too cute for words parrot cichlid, and a well fed plecostomus. I'm building this larger home for butch slowly. He's been in this tank for about 5 months. It just goes to show if your BIG enough NOBODY messes with you!!! It's the other fish that get out of his way. I did however have to take out my neon tetras.

From: Judy - goldfish tank smell
Our tank (32 gallon) seems to have an odor, what can we do? They are mostly species of the gold fish. Thanks!!
Goldfish are heavy polluters and require frequent water changes, at least 25% once a week in a tank of 32 gallons. If you're using activated carbon in your aquarium filter you will need to replace it every 2 weeks or so. If you're not using it, activated carbon may help with the odor.

From: Afton - goldifish with tropical fish
It's really unwise to put tropical fish in the same tank as a goldfish. Most fish you see in the store that are not goldfish are considered tropical. They need to be in water that is about 76-80 degrees Fahrenheit, while goldfish need to be in water that is around room temperature- 68-70 degrees. Sure, goldfish can survive in higher temperatures, but they'll be a lot happier if you keep them properly.

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