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Dwarf Gourami

From: Sierra
Would these get along well with danios? I have 8 danios and an algae eater in my 30-gallon tank. I am also looking to buy some cherry barbs and swordtails. Would this be a peaceful community?
A Dwarf Gourami should get along just fine with any of the tropical fish you've listed. However, you may want to rethink adding any more fish to your setup. Having 8 danios and an algae eater (chinese or pleco?) may be alright in your 30 gallon tank right now, but adding any more fish will make the tank overcrowded. If you do decide to add more tropical fish to your aquarium be prepared to perform tank maintenance more often.

From: Teresa
I have had 2 dwarf guramis for about 2 weeks. One of them seems to have developed 2 cycst like things on it's body, but they are the same color as him and one whitish one on it's eye. He is swimming and eating fine. Is this something he has that can be given to my other fish? What could it be?
Without more information or a picture of the fish, I'm only guessing here, but it sounds like it might be ichtyophthirius (ich). Please check out the Freshwater Fish Disease page for information on how to treat ich.

From: Jen
In what numbers do dwarf gouramis do best?
It depends on the tank size. If you have a smaller aquarium (10 - 20 gallons) a good mix would be 2 females to 1 male. However, if you had a larger aquarium you could get by with getting more than 1 male. It's been my experience that putting more than 1 male in a smaller tank can lead to fighting between the males. They won't fight continuously but they will bother each other. It can also be difficult to locate females in the local fish stores. They usually only carry the males. So, if you have a tank on the smaller side, it would probably be a good idea to only get 1 male dwarf.

From: Phill
Great fish, the dwarf gourami is very friendly with other fish like mountain minnows or neon tetras as I have both of these species in my fish tank.

From: Alyssa
I've got three male dwarf gourami in a 10 gallon heavily planted tank with a cave. The only problems I've had is that the blue one hides in his cave all the time while the red one and the stripey one have bubble nest fights... They've actually started getting along much better after I dropped a few Ottos in with them to take care of the algae.

From: Thunder
I have a 30 gallon tank and the general rule of 1 inch fish per gallon isn't neccessary. As long the water is being cared for and the fishes being healthy, they should be fine. I currently have 10 tiger barbs, 6 platies, and 2 striped raphael catfishes. After they all were settled, I added two beautiful blue dwarf gouramis (full blue from head to all fins and tail) and they are just awesome between each other and with the other fishes. During the first day or two, do not panic if the other fishes are naturally curious at each other, after that phase, everything will be just great. I highly recommend the dwarf gouramis, because of their size, color, behavior, and the way they bring life to the aquarium.
Yes, provided that you stay on top of your water changes you will be able to support the numbers of fish in your setup, but when those raphael catfish reach their adult size they will need to be removed from the 30 gallon and placed in a larger tank. You will also end up getting lots of baby platies since they breed fairly easy. Sounds like it's time for another, larger tank!

Author : Mike FishLore

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