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Dwarf Gourami

From: Rich
I just got my dwarf guarami about a week ago. It is a beautiful fish and is rather peaceful. I currently have him in a 20 gal tank with only a juvenile blood parrot and a juvenile chinese algae eater. I plan on moving them all to a 55 gallon in a couple weeks. He keeps to himself most of the time. Every once in a while he gets into it with the parrot who is bigger then him and seems to be a little more territorial as well. Other than that I think he is a fascinating and beautiful fish that is a joy to have!

From: Maddie
In my aquarium I have two dwarfs, 3 angelfish, 2 crayfish, 2 clown loaches, 2 red finned sharks (get along fine) 1 kissing gourami, 3 silver sharks, and a paradise fish. These fish are all pretty big. We have 160 gallon tank. First of all, my blue dwarf gourami used to hang around the bottom and we were worrried about him because the red one was so active. But now it's the opposite... Maybe it's just a trait of the fish?

From: Tay
I was just wondering are these fish like bettas in that they like to be kept singly? I would like to get 1 for a 10 gallon aquarium. Also are they ever prone to fin nipping? (I have a betta that would love to be housed with a Gourami) Thanks, I am looking forward to your response.
It is not recommended to keep these two species in the same tank because many hobbyists have reported aggression between these two species. However, some have kept them together and have witnessed no problems. It may have more to do with the fish's personality than with the general temperament of the species and the amount of available space (larger tank, more space). If you do house them in the same fish tank, be ready to remove one or separate them (tank divider) at the first sign of aggression.

From: Visitor
I find these fish to be very curious, mine will always come the surface if I'm near the tank, whether I have food or not. If I'm testing the water, they will come up and nip at the test tube, and if I'm feeding, they will readily take the flakes from my fingers. Great fish, glad I got them. I have a male and female in a 20 gallon tank.

From: Blue Fishy
I have two male dwarf blue gourami's in a 10 gallon tank along with 4 neon tetras and a blue snail. The larger gourami is constanly picking on the other one. I should have read more about these fish before I got them. I'm thankful for all your comments and tips. I'm taking the larger one back today.

Author : Mike FishLore

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