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From: Uh Oh!
I am new to fish keeping and just discovered that what I thought were Otos are actually Chinese Algae Eaters. I have two of them in my 10 gallon tank and they chase each other but don't seem to bother the other fish yet. Of course they are only about an inch right now so that may change. Other tank mates include a African Dwarf Frog, 2 Rosey Red Tetras, 1 Dwarf Flame Gourami and 1 Dwarf powder blue gourami. I guess I will watch their behavior and see if they need to be removed.

From: Diana
We have 3 Golden Algae Eaters in our 50 gallon tank and while they can be aggressive I think having more than one helps, they tend to only chase each other. They are a pleasure to have as they are lively and I think tend to make the other fish swim around more.
From: Ben
I acknowledge that some people find no problem with these algae removing friends. Myself, I have found them to be terrible creatures to the other tank mates. I was frequently losing fish do to the over-agressiveness of the chinese algae eater. It was fine when it was young, but as it aged, it became very territorial. I would discourage people from this fish, and compel them to purchase a small pleco. instead.

From: Geoff
I put 2 of these fish into our community tank and had to remove them a fortnight later. We started to find dead guppies and noticed that these two fish were very aggressive and chased the whole tank into the corners. I will not be keeping these fish any more.

From: Shelley
Oh dear. Our poor blue oranda goldfish and his tank mate, a chinese algae eater were living quite peacefully until the algae eater began harassing it! Horrible to watch. The algae eater was great initially when he was small, but, I agree as they get bigger, they eat very little algae, and are very aggressive! Beware.

From: Gabe
I've had my chinese algae eater for about 3 months now and these guys grow fast! When I first got him he was barely an inch long and now he is almost 5 inches. Some people might say that they are semi-aggressive or community but trust me, they can get aggressive and very territorial. My algae eater just hits my gouramis and he killed my guppy. Make sure you keep fish within the same size. Hope this helps!

Author : Mike FishLore

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