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From: Amanda - really small betta tank
Ok, my tank is REALLY small but the girl at the store said that the tank would do, but websites are telling me that a big tank is good. My tank is about 1 gallon but the tank he was in before was no bigger then glass. Is my tank okay?
If you're performing water changes every day, your fish will survive, but it won't be ok. Let's face it, who is going to stick to daily water changes? Fish are living beings and for some reason don't get the respect they deserve. This is a living being and we as pet owners are responsible for it's proper care. We could survive in a 10 foot by 10 foot room, but would it be much of a life? Please consider getting a bigger tank with a heater and filter to keep the temperature and water as stable as possible.

From: Cindy L. - sick betta
Hi, my name is Cindy and my daughter has a Betta fish -- GILLS -- who I think is sick. He swims rather close to the surface of the tank and his gills will get really big and they looked inflamed and they stay like this for a while then he will return to normal. My daughter is 8 years old and loves her Gills so much. I have been looking on the net for different explanations to what might be wrong with him but I just can't seem to find any that seem to be consistent with what is happening with our lil fishy. I would really like to know if he is going to be okay or if their is anything that I should be doing to help the poor little thing. I will be eagerly waiting to here from you. Thank you in advance for your time.
Your betta is most likely seeing his own reflection in the tank walls. This should be nothing to worry about and he will probably settle down and perhaps realize that he is just getting agitated at himself. You could also use some black paper and place it along the side and back walls to diminish the reflection that he sees.
From: Charles James - betta breeding
I have a recently purchased a male and female betta. I have been learning the spawning process but I do not know if the female's belly will get full of eggs on its own then the male releases sperm or you put them together and after they mate the female will have eggs? I am only begining to learn to breed but I need to know.
The female betta will develop the eggs on her own. Breeding bettas properly (or any fish for that matter) requires a lot or pre-conditioning, time and expense. For more information, please read Betta Splendens: General Information and Breeding and we reviewed a really good Betta book recently.

From: Trista - betta tank mates
Hi - I just introduced my betta into a 5 gallon tropical tank with two other Platy's two days ago. The betta was very aggressive and nipped at the tails of the Platys. Do bettas usually not get along with Platys? The Platys always seem to mind their own business, so I don't know why the betta was so aggressive. I ended up removing the betta from the tank today.
Some have kept bettas with other fish without any problems and others have about the same experience you had. Individual fish have their own personalities. Speaking generally about bettas, they can be somewhat aggressive with other fish in smaller tanks. This behavior might lessen in larger tanks. And of course, don't keep them with other bettas.

From: Nancy - betta bowl tip
This is a comment for ALL Beta owners and lovers, please do not keep a beautiful fish like the Beta in a little bowl. I have three Beta's and all in their own 10 gallon with a swordtail and if they could speak I'm sure they would tell me how happy they are and I know this because they show me every day by their playfulness and their personality. It's sad to see those beautiful fish at the pet store in a little bowl with not enough room to swim around and show off those beautiful fins of their's. If I could, I would take them all home. I truly am a fish lover I have five tanks in total, 5 gallon, 10 gallon, 20 gallon, 27 gallon, and a 47 gallon. And I have every kind of fish you could think of and love them all dearly. Thanks.

From: Nancy2 - Betta Mating
I have 6 male Beta fish in their own 10 gallon tanks along with a swordtail and half a dozen Neon Tetras and love all my Beta's dearly along with all my other tanks - 11 in total lol. I think I have more tropical fish than my pet store owner. Ha ha - I am crazy about them all! And I would like to add that I have just successfully watched little baby Betas hatching and what an amazing site to see! But watching the male and female mate is totally amazing!

From: Lily - Strange Betta Behavior
I was cleaning my betta's aquarium today and when I caught him in the net he got stuck (I have no idea how he did it, he just got stuck.) When I transferred him to the temporary bowl I keep him in when cleaning the tank, I saw that he was not moving at all. I believed he was dead. Just to check, I brought him up a couple of times above the water surface to examine him. He did not move at all when I brought him out of the water. I thought he was dead so I left him alone for about 5 minutes. When I came back to take him away, I saw my fish coasting along the water surface, like gasping. After a few minutes he was swimming and was very active. And then he stopped and just dropped to the bottom of the bowl. But soon enough he was lively again. Right now he's back in the tank and he seems okay. But still not as active as before. What I want to know is, is my fish about to die? Should I do special monitoring on him? It would be a shame for him to die since I just got him the other day.
This could be stress, water quality issues, fish acclimation problems and/or all of the above. We need to know your water parameters (aquarium test kits) such as ammonia, nitrite, nitrates, pH, temperature in order to even attempt an estimate as to what the problem is here.

From: Julia - Sick Betta
Hi, my Betta is sick and I need help!! I have had a male Betta in a community tank for about 2 years. He was very active, made bubble nests and didn't fight with other fish at all. Now is very bloated and swims up just to eat. I feed them frozen food (blood worm, brine shrimp), dryed blood worms and flakes. I didn't see any scale damage, no ick or other parasitic symptoms. It looks like a bladder infection and he is the only one in the tank who is sick. I love him dearly and don't want him to die or at least not suffer if he is dying... Please write back if you have any experience with something like that. Thanks!
Try feeding your fish peeled peas chopped into fine pieces. Many use peas to treat constipation and sometimes swim bladder problems. You never know, he may recover from his ailment.

From: Bianca - Sick Betta
Hi there i was just wondering if anyone could tell me what's wrong with my male fighter. He used to be very bright and colorful but now he's turned all cloudy and just lays at the bottom of the tank. He also won't eat!
Need way more information on your water parameters (tank size, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, temp, ph, etc.) but if you're not doing so already make sure to perform regular partial water changes and feed your fish a high quality diet (live, frozen and fresh foods) to help improve his health.

From: Damo - Betta Problems
Hi,I bought 2 female bettas about a month back. They are together in a bowl with some plants. They were happy, frisky and had a good appetite. I used a standby large glass bowl that I put the bettas in whenever I did a water change. I started using this standby bowl about a week back. The first time I put one of the females into the standby bowl, it immediately showed signs of lethargy and lack of appetite. I left it overnight in the bowl as I did not want to disturb it. The next morning it developed a gelatinous white slime like coating on its tail, mouth and fins. In 2 days it died.

I have never had fish before and did not suspect the problem. I continued to change for the other female and put her in the standby bowl. Again within a day, she developed the same symptoms and developed a slimy gelatonous coat throughout her body and sank nose down to the bottom. I immediately took her off the that bowl as I suspected glass contamination or poisoning. I added an all symptom treatment medication into her bowl as per petsmarts reccomendation. But she seems to be steadily deteriorating. I really love my betta. Can you please let me know if there is a way to make her better? Please help.

Again, we need way more information here. Did you use completely new water when transferring your fish to the standby bowl? It could have been markedly different from what the fish had been used too. This could have cause stress. Did you dechlorinate the water before using it from the tap? What are the parameters in the tanks they were kept in? Unless you're doing large water changes all the time, large infrequent water changes can cause major stress issues due to the potentially large differences in water parameters between the old and new water. Always look to water quality first and only medicate as a very last resort. I find that fish keepers often medicate much too quickly and don't correct the underlying issues that caused the problem in the first place.

From: Lucy - Betta and Pleco in a 5 gallon tank
I put a Pleco bottom feeder in a 5 gallon tank with my betta and they get along great. They are actually playful towards eachother sometimes. It all depends on your individual fishes temperament. I feed the betta bloodworms, brine shrimp (crushed a little), and flake food. Seems to do better with a variety. You can get all these foods in little jars in the fish section anywhere. I have 3 bettas in different tanks and none of them like the pellet hard food made for bettas.
I agree with feeding a variety to the fish. Seems to work the best. Also, unless your pleco is one of the smaller species like the bristlenose, it will need a much bigger tank. See the common pleco profile for more info on adult size and tank requirements.

From: Richard - ornament in betta tank
My beautiful blue betta lives with some zebra danios and platies in a 65 gallon tank. The other day when I was feeding everyone I noticed betta was missing. Turns out he swam into our a hole in our ceramic dragon. He calmly swam out when I turned the dragon over. The dragon is long and twisty so I am not sure if he was stuck or hiding. I then remembered that when I was in high school I lost a betta when it swam into a box filter and got stuck there.

Needless to say the dragon is out of the tank for now. I may fill it with gravel to keep fish from getting stuck inside.

Good idea.

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