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From: Bree - betta death
I have had my beta for about two months, and recently I bought three neon tetras. Well all three died over night, then I did the same thing agan and they all died to. What is going on?
It's difficult to say without more information, but here goes. The neon tetra is not the hardiest tropical fish. If you are keeping your tetras in a small tank with no heater and no filtration then the increased bioload from adding three tetras could have subjected them to ammonia poisoning. If you do have filtration, a heater and your water parameters are in line, then don't sweat it. The neon tetra has been getting a bad reputation in recent years for the difficulty in keeping them alive in the home aquarium. This bad reputation could be attributed to the increasing public demand and the methods by which breeders are meeting those demands by the inbreeding of this once hardy tropical fish. The betta is a much more hardy fish than the neon tetra which may explain why it didn't perish.

From: Sherry - betta fins
I have a betta fish and the fins were snapped off by a shrimp that lived in the tank. Will the Beta survive without the fins or should I expect the worst?
It depends on how much was damaged. If your fish is missing most of its fins then I wouldn't give it much of a chance. If there has only been minimal damage to the fins then your fish may stand a good chance of having a full recovery. I've seen a few cases where the betta had some serious fin damage due to fighting with another male and cases of getting fin nipped by other fish. Obviously you will have to separate the fish and the shrimp and give your fish the best water you can by performing frequent (weekly) water changes and feed him a high quality diet to give him the best chance of survival.

From: Paige - betta sick
I have a sick fish. He can't stay floating and he somehow tends to fall to the bottom of the tank. What's wrong with him?
We would need a lot more information before being able to figure out what's wrong with your fish. Check your water parameters (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate). It would be helpful to know the readings of your water parameters, how long your tank has been set up and also how recently you got your fish. Check out the following pages for more information: The Nitrogen Cycle and Aquarium Water Chemistry.

From: Margret - betta aquarium
I currently have a single male betta fish in a 3-gallon aquarium though I may move him into a 10-gallon. Once I tried to put him in my other tank, a 20-gallon with my neon and bloodfin tetras. Yikes! They chased my betta all over the place (I think it may have just been the bloodfins) so I took him out. His fins were so short because the other fish had bit them and then his fins got infected. I felt SO sorry for him! He seems a little lonely in his tank by himself (but I may just be over reacting) so I was thinking about putting him in a 10-gallon and then adding a few slow moving, UNAGGRESSIVE, fish in with him. Are their some "no fail" fish to put in with my betta? I know some other questions like this have been posted but I love mine so much and I don't want to take any chances of him being injured by his tank mates again. Thanks.
We can never make any completely fail proof recommendations because each fish is different when it comes to temperament. However, there are certain species that will be very peaceful and may not be mistaken for another betta in your tank. They also should leave your prized fish alone. Look into the corydoras, white cloud mountain minnows and cherry barbs.

From: LuLu - betta and pleco?
Can I put a sucker fish in with my Betta fish?
I'm assuming by sucker fish you are referring to the Common Plecostomus. Provided that you have a large enough tank (preferably 55 gallon or larger) a pleco can make a good tank mate for your fish. There are smaller varieties of the pleco out there, such as the Bristlenose Pleco which tops out at around 6 inches (15 cm).

From: Brooke - betta stress
My fish also was constantly going up for air then going back down and trying to hide in between the rocks. I was looking all over to see if he was sick and for a day I left him in the same spot that does not have any quick air changes. Now he will eat his food and not spit it out! It turns out he was just stressed.

From: Tay - keeping male betta with female betta
Hi, I just wanted to comment on the fact that male and female bettas should not be kept together. I successfully kept a male and female pair in a 29 gallon tank. Only occasionally will the male chase the female. Maybe it just depends on the individual bettas? I love this site and always come here for needed information.

Author : Mike FishLore


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