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Bala Shark

From: Ann
My silver shark always seems stressed, when ever anyone walks past the tank it darts around and tries to jump out, it has jumped out twice and ive managed to put it back in. is there something wrong with it?
This is a schooling fish that can be skittish at times, especially if kept singly. Most folks don't have a big enough tank to keep multiples.

From: Jess
We have 3 beautiful Bala sharks, and lately we noticed that 2 of the 3 (its always the same 2) rub against each other after and during feeding time. I'm relieved other people have noticed this too, some people think it's because they need a bigger aquarium. Our sharks are around 4.5 inches and we have a wide 45 gallon tank. It doesnt seem too small for them right now though. I was thinking it could be a sign on dominance but I'm not sure, I would love to find out the exact reason.
From: Miranda
I have 5 bala sharks and I've had them for about a year. They are so awesome looking! I love them. They are very calm and peaceful. They are somewhat skittish but it's alright. They like to hang out together and like the darkness more than the light. One in particular has gotten really big. I call him Jethro. An awesome name for an awesome fish. He eats more than the other fish, but he's not aggressive or anything. I think he's getting fat because he eats more.

From: Fiona
I just bought 2 silver sharks today to go in my 10 gallon tank. They are both around 3 inches and I also have two lepoard angelfish. The guy I bought the shark fish from knew all of this, but now I'm reading they need at least a 40 gallon tank. Will I kill them if I leave them in the small tank?
Since they can grow to be at least 12 - 13 inches (33 cm) and sometimes even larger you need to take them back or get a much larger tank. As they grow they will quickly be fouling the water and unless you're doing large daily water changes you will be harming your fish and they won't lead a full healthy life, not to mention that this fish likes a lot of swimming space. A 10 gallon is much too small for a fish of this size. Keeping two angelfish in a 10 gallon is too much in our opinion too. If you can afford it, go for a much larger tank otherwise, please (begging) return these fish to the store. While you are there, educate the person that sold you the balas about their potential adult size.

From: Calvin from Sydney, Australia
Hey Bala lovers, I have four Sharks in the same tank and bought them all at the same time. 3 years now they have been happy. Once a white spot appeared on one of them shortly after a full tank clean. Medicated the water with "fungus and finrot remedy" without charcoal filters (the charcoal will absorb the medication) worked a treat. Another leaped clean out of the tank onto the floor during a partial water change, I managed him back into the tank without to much trouble, he's doing very well. All four have grown from 2 inches to approximately 6 inches in the three years. They are the hardiest buggers I have ever had. Once they broke thermometer and ate the mercury pellets as the fell to the bottom of the tank. These fish are dynamite. I love watching them!

From: Ryan
I love my bala sharks - I have 2 and they always stick with each other and always play around darting round my tank. I had the 1 shark first and for the first week it did not look or act right so I got him a mate and he was fine then. So I feel they do best in pairs or more.

From: Dominic Vernetti
I have two bala sharks in my 55 that are doing this very thing. It seems to happen with mine during or right after feeding and just last night I think I witnessed what this rubbing is all about. After watching them continue this for several minutes I noticed they were somewhat BITING at each other. I believe this may be a "dominance" thing occurring between 2 males. After this happened the smaller one fleed and when into a corner with fins down and started breathing heavily. The other one was just fine swimming casually with my 2 archer fish. Any ideas on what to do?
Thanks for your input on the rubbing behavior. If the aggression gets too much for the smaller fish you may have to separate them.

From: Jessica
I have 2 bala sharks with some others in my tank. I got them at the same time and ever since they are always together, following each other around. Where ever one goes the other follows. I noticed the rubbing thing when I first got them and put them in the tank but I really haven't noticed it after. Then again they are always sticking together so I think I got used to seeing it. They are so peaceful and beautiful. They don't bother the other fish. They are so friendly and I know the 2 bala sharks are best friends. You never see them separated.

Author : Mike FishLore

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