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Bala Shark

From: Paul
I also have 2 silver sharks and they get on with pretty much anything, except neon tetras! They also chase each other round most of the day and do their dance usually round feeding time. They both appear very fit & healthy.

From: Aaron Teifel
I have two silver sharks and they are very pleasant fish to have and seem to mix very well with other breeds...
From: Johnny
I have a 400 litre tank around 106 us gallons (rio 400). I have 2 silver sharks that have demolished my neons leaving me with 2 out of 12. Just be careful of other sharks like red tail sharks as they do tend to chase and bully silver sharks.

From: Luke
My last 3 neon tetras have vanished and the silver sharks are looking guilty, but i wouldn't trade the sharks for anything in the world.

From: Jo
I have 4 sharks and they are so docile, they just swim round minding their own business, they mix well with all my fish. Also I have seen them doing that rubbing behaviour and I thought they were mating.

From: Mac
Just got 5 of these for my tank - however 1 has disappeared and can't be seen anywhere but 2 are very keen on rubbing up against each other. That said, it is a big tank 150 imperial gallons and there is plenty of bog wood to hide in.

From: Caleb
I have 3 Bala Sharks, after I feed them I have lately seen the rubbing behavior everyone is discussing. I thought it was fighting at first, but the same 2 are always doing it. Also I have noticed that the balas will chase each other if they steal each other's food! Very fun to watch!

From: Darren
I have had Balas for 3 years in a 100 gallon tank. I have only 2 and they are about 8 to 9 inches long. They are a joy to watch and prefer Brine Shrimp over all other food... although Tubifex worms are gobbled up quickly as well. My tank is set to 78 degrees and kept for the most part at neutral ph. They have co-existed with Rosy Barbs and a large pleco. But now they are on their own and seem very healthy and vigorous. They are just beautiful specimens and easy to keep. For most minor issues with mucous of the eye or scrapes Tea Tree Oil does the trick every time. I hope mine live to be 8 years old.

From: William
My Bala sharks do this rubbing too - I have two 3" balas and two 2" balas. I only see this twitching thing in the larger ones. They cross tails and just start having these weird rythmic spasms that last anywhere between 5 seconds to 2 minutes. A lot of times it happens during or after feeding as well with mine, but it also happens other times. WEIRD! What is this?

From: Roland
Silver (Bala) Sharks are a joy. Absolutely and completely friendly with all kinds of fish. I have a Congo Tetra, a gigantic Pleco, Yoyo (Bangladeshi) Loach, a Bumble Bee Catfish, Thin Lined (Zebra) Loach and a Male Siamese Fighter and they all co-exsist in harmony. The Sharks will school with both the Congo Tetras and also the Loaches. Sometimes all three will school together!

From: Lucas
I got a 30 gallon aquarium last week. This week I added 2 bala sharks in there. Is my tank going to be ok for them?
Long term, no. You need a bigger tank for this fish. Please read the bala shark profile linked above.

Author : Mike FishLore

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