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Java Fern, Microsorium pteropus

Scientific NameMicrosorium pteropus
SizeUp to 8 inches
pH5.5 - 7.5
Temperature68°F - 82°F
Aquarium Light NeededShould be able to grow in even low lighted tanks.
Water Hardness2° to 15° dH,
OriginSoutheast Asia
CareYou will see better results if you tie the roots to drift wood or rocks instead of planting the roots.

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Java Fern Tips and Comments

From: Andy
One of the first plants I bought was a little clump of Java Fern, with a root mass less than a quarter's diameter. I wedged it into a crack in the driftwood I bought, and now, about a year and a half later, it has spread its leaves pretty much the back-to-front width of my 38-gallon tank. I've since bought another Java Fern for the other side of the tank (lower light there too, and it's already sprouting new growth, about a month after purchase. It's such an easy plant, it'd ridiculous, and totally recommended for a plant startup. Just remember to snip the dead leaves because they take a while to decompose.

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