The New Marine Aquarium

Updated August 12, 2019
Author: Mike - FishLore Admin
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A Step-By-Step Setup and Stocking Guide
By Michael Paletta, TFH Publications (1999)

New Marine Aquarium

The New Marine Aquarium tackles everything you need to know for successfully running your own saltwater tank. Let me start by saying that if you are serious about setting up a saltwater aquarium then you should read this book. The author talks at length about the benefits of live rock as the bio-filter in a saltwater aquarium. He also talks about ways to cure uncured live rock which is often much cheaper than cured rock. This information alone is probably worth the price of this book.


The importance of using a protein skimmer is also discussed along with how the frequency of mysterious sudden fish deaths are lessened when using a skimmer. A skimmer helps remove dissolved organics that can accumulate in the water and become harmful for the tank's inhabitants if not removed.

Topics covered in The New Marine Aquarium:

This marine aquarium book is one of the best we've read on saltwater aquariums. It's short, to the point and loaded with good information. If you can only get one saltwater aquarium book, get this one. We give The New Marine Aquarium 5 stars.

The New Marine Aquarium Reader Reviews

From: Tim Smirth
This was the first book that I got when researching whether or not I wanted to get into the saltwater hobby. It definitely put me over the edge and eliminated my fears of running my own saltwater setup. That was a year or two ago and I've since read many other books on the marine aquarium hobby and this book is still in my top two. If you are the least bit interested in this hobby, get this book and you'll soon have a saltwater tank of your own. Good luck to everyone and thank you for this website.

From: Jason Hargitai
This is the best saltwater aquarium book I have read and helps me all the time.

Rating Information
Review Title: The New Marine Aquarium
Reviewed by: Mike FishLore
Summary: A Step-By-Step Setup and Stocking Guide
Description: The New Marine Aquarium tackles everything you need to know for successfully running your own saltwater tank.
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

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