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Good First Fish for Freshwater Aquarium

Ok, you've set up your tank, cycled it, and now you are ready for some good first fish for your freshwater aquarium. This list of good first fish can withstand a wide range of water parameters such as temperature and water hardness. They are also attractive to look at, especially the Dwarf Gouramis.

Remember, no matter what tropical fish you decide to get, research the fish first and find out things like the potential adult size, ph and temperature requirements and the temperament. Some fish simply won't play nicely with others. Research them first and save yourself some potential headaches down the road.

Also, if you decide to start with the livebearers like the Guppy, Molly, Platy or Swordtails listed below, get only males or get only females. Don't mix the sexes unless you are prepared to deal with the babies!

Ok, so what are some good first freshwater fish? Some of the easy to find, easy to care for and hardier first freshwater fish for beginners are:

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