Species Specific Tropical Fish Books

Updated August 12, 2019
Author: Mike - FishLore Admin
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Detailed books on the various fish species. Check out the reviews before buying them.

Betta book
Everything you ever wanted and needed to know about keeping a betta.
Betta - Happy Healthy Pet
Discus Fish Manual
Freshwater aquarium hobbyists will find all the information they need regarding purchasing, feeding, and maintaining Discus.
Discus Fish
Discus as a Hobby
Before we start with what a discus is and is not, I would like to say that discus and angelfish have been the most desired and sought after of all the fishes since they were first made available through importation to the world's hobbyists.
Discus as a Hobby
Discus Breeding Wattley
In Discus Breeding for Beginners Jack Wattley touches on some of the important topics regarding Discus and the breeding of the Discus.
Discus Breeding
Encyclopedia of Exotic Tropical Fishes
The Encyclopedia of Exotic Tropical Fishes for Freshwater Aquariums is written by Glen Axelrod and Brian Scott. This book is huge! It has over 800 pages and weighs a couple of pounds.
Encyclopedia of Tropical Fishes
Choosing Fish for Your Aquarium
Choosing Fish for Your Aquarium is basically a large book of freshwater, brackish water, and saltwater fish profiles.
Choosing Fish for Your Aquarium
500 Marine Fish Species
Marine Fishes, 500 Essential to Know Aquarium Species by Scott Michael is a quick reference guide that contains over 500 saltwater fish profiles.
500 Marine Fish Species
Clownfishes Guide
If you're the least bit interested in breeding any of the available clownfishes, then this book, Clown Fishes, is a must have. The author, Joyce Wilkerson, discusses every thing you could ever want to know about breeding clownfish in the home aquarium.
Clownfish Care and Breeding